Nordom: Study Association Scandinavian Studies

From january 2000 onwards, Nordom has been the study association for Scandinavian Studies. Our members study Danish, Norwegian or Swedish or just take great interest in Scandinavia. We have about a hundred members, so you’ll get to know almost everyone! You will make lots of new friends this way and maybe even build up a network for later in life.

Nordom organizes many events surrounding Scandinavia. We celebrate several Scandinavian holidays, such as Lucia and Midsommar. On top of that we often organize study-related events such as workshops or lectures and of course our annual study trip. Finally we regularly have drinks together (so-called borrels) at Café van Zuylen, right around the corner from the faculty, and every once in a while we watch a Scandinavian film or TV-series together. In this way you can get to know your fellow students and other members of the association in a hyggelig way. We also invite exchange students from Scandinavia to our borrels, so you can practice your Danish, Norwegian or Swedish with a native. If you’re an exchange student yourself, do come along as well and speak your mother tongue with someone eager to learn your language!