Noorderlicht (journal)

From 2003 onwards, Nordom has published their own journal. After publishing “OmNorden” for several years, a new journal committee was established in spring 2015. With this we wanted to let a typical fresh northern wind flow through the journal committee, and a new name seemed fitting: Noorderlicht.

New editions of Noorderlicht are regularly put together. In these editions stories, experiences and articles by students, teachers and other interested parties are published. Here you can read previous editions of OmNorden/Noorderlicht.

It is possible for advertisers to place an advertisement in an edition of Noorderlicht. If your business is interested, please contact the journal committee at

During the pandemic years, Noorderlicht has been published as an online journal. Curious to those articles? You can read them here!
Our hope is, with the start of the new academic year 2022/2023, to revitalise Noorderlicht and make a comeback in printed form!

(Note: Noorderlicht is only available in Dutch / the Scandinavian languages.)