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For anyone interested in Scandinavia

Since 2003 Nordom has published its own journal. After a few years of publishing “OmNorden”, the 2015 journal committee revitialised the journal. This called for a new name: Noorderlicht (“Northern lights”)

A new edition of Noorderlicht is regularly put together. Subjects include stories, experiences and articles by students, teachers and other interested parties. Since 2020, the journal committee has also been publishing the articles from Noorderlicht digitally on its own website. Older editions of Noorderlicht are also available online.

Usually, two editions of Noorderlicht are published per year. The journal committee forms the editorial staff of Noorderlicht and devises the sections, edits the incoming articles and ensures a nice layout. The committeemembers also write articles themselves.

Anyone who would like to write something for Noorderlicht is welcome to do so! Nordom-members are always free to submit articles. To do this you can always contact a member of the journal committee directly, or send an email to the editors!
You are free to write in a language other than Dutch, but as Noorderlicht is published in Dutch, your article will be published in translation, with the original published digitally.

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It is now possible for advertisers to have an advertisement placed in a Noorderlicht publication! If your company is interested in this, please contact the magazine committee via the e-mail address mentioned above.