Board & Committees

The board of Nordom consists, in principle, of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and a General board member.


The board is tasked with the day-to-day running of the association. Each board member has their own individual responsibilities. These are laid out in the Internal Regulation, articles 6 through 9. The other rights and obligations of boardmembers are further laid out in Part II of the IR, as well as the statues.
The board changes at the end of every academic year. Starting around april/may, we will start the search for new boardmembers. Interested? Keep an eye out for the announcements!

The current, 25th, board consists of:
– Noortje Peek – Chair;
– Gilles Tijmes – Secretary;
– Merle van Geldorp – Treasurer;
– Stefan van den Hauten – General board member.

From left to right: Merle, Stefan, Gilles and Noortje.

Next to our board, we have a standard of three committees: a Travel committee, Journal committee and a Supervisory Board..

Travel committee

The travel committee organises the study trip. This obviously goes to the North. Previous study trips went to Oslo, Copenhagen, Lund, Stockholm, Gothenburg and in 2022 even to Iceland!

Around the start of each academic year we are looking for enthusiastic members who want to organise the trip. The travel committee consists of approximately five members.

Journal committee

Since 2003 Nordom has published its own journal. After a few years of publishing “OmNorden”, the 2015 journal committee revitialised the journal. This called for a new name: Noorderlicht (“Northern lights”)

A new edition of Noorderlicht is regularly put together. The journal committee forms the editorial staff of Noorderlicht and devises the sections, edits the incoming articles and ensures a nice layout. The committeemembers also write articles themself.

Find out more here!

Supervisory board

By our statutes, Nordom must have a supervisory board. They monitor income and expenditure and check the annual report after the end of the administrative year. During the first GAM of the year, after the discharge of the old board, a new supervisory board is approved. They only carries out their task for the financial year for which they have been approved; there is a new supervisory board every academic year.