Travel committee

The travel committee organizes the study trip. This trip naturally is to Scandinavia. Some examples are our study trips too Iceland in 2010, to Oslo in 2014, to Copenhagen/Malmö/Lund in 2015, to Stockholm in 2016 and again to Oslo in 2017!

For our study trip in 2018 we’re still looking for enthusiastic students who want to organize the trip. The travel committee will consist of at least 4 students. The only thing we ask of the students is that they will attend the trip themselves. Organizing the study trip does not have to take up too much time and it is possible to combine it with you study, but take certain deadlines into account and make sure to communicate with each other!

The travel committee currently consists of:

– Imme
– Merle
– Kyra
– Stefan
– Laurits
– Gilles
– Bob