Programme committee

Every programme has a Programme Committee, the so-called opleidingscommissie (OC), that monitors the quality of education within the study. The committee consists of students and department members. The department members are usually appointed for two years, the student members for one year.

The programme committee’s tasks
The OC is an institutionalized committee granted by law the right to have a say and advise in educational affairs and as such plays an important role in the care for quality. By giving advice to the education board or the dean, the OC contributes to the insurance and possible growth in quality of education. Advice can pertain both details specific to the study as examination regulations. The OC furthermore tries to gain insight in student’s opinions on the courses they follow through course evaluations, among other things. When necessary, the OC will advise the education board on how to solve a problem.

The members of the programme committee
The OC Scandinavian Studies consists of four members, two student members and two department members.The composition of the committee rotates.

You can contact us if you have any comments on the quality of the programme. It is important that the OC is informed of the opinions of students and teachers, so we can advise the education board adequately. Your input is more than welcome.

Our general e-mail address is:

If you have study related problems, complaints or comments that you would like to discuss with the OC, you can always reach out to the student members during breaks or in passing. They are always prepared to have a confidential conversation with you.

Do you want to be part of the OC next year? Please contact the chair of the programme committee as soon as possible.

The programme committee is not part of Nordom. This text is only offered here for convenience.